Specialty Awards

Specialty Awards

Hey all. Here are the Specialty Award Categories so that you can give each one some thought and be prepared to fill out the form at the April 1 show.

1. SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Anyone who you feel has helped or encouraged you or someone you know.

2. MOST INSPIRING RIDER: Any member who has inspired you by their courage, riding ability, or unselfish acts.

3. HORSE AND RIDER MOST ALIKE: Horse, pony, or mule and rider who may resemble one another or have the same disposition.

4. MOST IMPROVED HORSE AND RIDER: Any member and horse, pony, or mule that you feel has improved the most in the sport of gymkhana during the competition year.

5. BEST APPEARING HORSE AND RIDER: Any member and horse, pony, or mule who you feel went to a little more effort to look well dressed, and have a well groomed horse.

6. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: A first year rider who you feel have made the greatest accomplishments in their first year of gymkhana. Riders with (*) are designated as Rookie Riders. Select ONERider only

7. HORSE OF THE YEAR: Select one horse that you feel deserves to be named Horse of the Year. Maybe the fastest horse, maybe the horse that best takes care of it’s rider, or maybe the horse that looks like it enjoys gymkhana. Horses with ** are previous winners of Horse of the Year, and are ineligible. Select ONE Horse only