Buckle Series Details

Buckle Series Details

As most of you know, our Spring Buckle Series starts this Saturday. We still need help getting 3 – $100.00 sponsors or they can be shared at $50.00 each as co sponsors.

To win a buckle you must be a club member of the Thundering Hooves Gymkhana Club and you must compete in at least 3 of the 4 pointed shows.

There will be 4 buckles available in each age group, so a total of 12 are up for grabs. Points acquired are by horse and rider team. You may ride more than one horse but you will have to sign the second horse up with an additional fee of $10.00.

Setups do not count because they are only for times, not points. Hurry Scurry has been called in as a setup.

Remember to bring your own food.

Any further questions just text me at 760 793 1082.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, Virginia